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It is the mission of the Little Treasures Child Care Center to provide quality child care for all families in the community. The environment above all will be educational, safe, nurturing and recreational for children. 


Our goals are:

  • To provide affordable, convenient, dependable child care services.

  • To provide high quality, developmentally appropriate child care for children with the focus on each individual child's age and ability to stimulate social, cognitive, physical and emotional growth.

  • To provide a child care program that will afford each child the opportunity to gain skills for lifelong learning. 

  • To provide opportunities for family involvement with their child's education and have access to parenting support and education. 


Our objectives are:

  • To ensure staff caring for children are experienced, qualified, caring and professional. 

  • To provide a curriculum which enables each child to develop new skills at their own ability levels, to prepare each child to succeed and excel at various levels of education and to provide a safe, healthy environment for the children so their parents can be assured peace of mind about their child's care.

  • To develop children's awareness of respect for diversity through play and books. 

  • To develop a healthy eating program that will ensure the support of each child's health and well being. 

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